Some say your greatest wounds become your greatest medicine.

Since high school, I’ve always been drawn to psychology. I took one class back then and thought: This is really cool, I love how this work helps you self-reflect and understand more about who you are. Being the oldest child with a mom as a single parent, I took on the caretaker role in my family, listening and often losing myself by caring for everyone around me. Boundaries were non-existent in my household and authentic self-expression was quickly judged.

The women in my family have struggled with poor mental health and toxic relationships for generations. I knew early on that I wanted differently for myself, but that didn’t stop me from experiencing my own toxic dating patterns and relationships. I held faith that I could break the cycle. I empowered myself with education and immersed myself in the worlds of psychology and self-development, acquiring a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy, as well as certification’s in Life Coaching, Neurolinguistic-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique and Hypnosis. I started gathering the knowledge and tools to set myself free.

In practicing what I learned from my studies and through my own introspection, I stopped my unhealthy patterns, recovered from a long cycle of toxic relationships, and began creating a life that truly felt good to me. Now, I take all that I learned from becoming a Mental Health Therapist and breaking off to do my own thing as a Coach (I have a hardcore inner rebel!), and I help both men and women lead easier and healthier lives.

I want people to know: Life doesn’t have to be this painful or limiting! There is another way and I can help you see it because I’ve done the work myself.

I’ve always been a rebel who doesn’t like to follow a set structure and I need freedom in my work and in my personal life in order to feel good. I stepped away from formal therapy because I didn’t like getting caught up in the endless amount of paperwork or having to clinically diagnose my clients. Instead, I knew coaching would give me the space to be more authentic in my connections, give me the energy to fully focus on helping my clients find solutions, while also granting me the personal freedom I always desired. In fact, my boyfriend and I are going to be heading out next year in an expedition vehicle we’re in the process of building that’s totally eco-friendly. I’m now living a life beyond my wildest dreams—and I want to show you how you can do that too!

Relationship Recovery Coaching is all about reclaiming your power and creating a life that feels good to you! Click here to find out more about how I can help you end your cycle of toxic relationships.