My name is Jessica Da Silva and I’m a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Attachment Coach helping adults end their unhealthy dating patterns and create healthier, strong relationships using the attachment theory framework.

Why do I do this work?

Because I know the difficulties that come with having an insecure attachment style and I want us all to experience more freedom and satisfaction within ourselves and our relationships.

Some say your greatest wounds become your greatest medicine.

Since my early teen years, I’ve been drawn to psychology.

I took one class in high school and thought: This is really cool, I love how this work helps you self-reflect and understand more about who you are.

Being the oldest child with a mom as a single parent, I took on the caretaker role in my family, listening and often losing myself by caring for everyone around me. Boundaries were non-existent in my household and authentic self-expression had harsh consequences.

The people in my family have struggled with insecure attachment styles for generations.

I knew early on that I wanted differently for myself, but that didn’t stop me from experiencing my own unhealthy relationship patterns.

I grew up thinking that love was fleeting, hard, painful and that it took A LOT of work & sacrifice.

It wasn’t until one of my most painful break-ups where I decided enough was enough.

I empowered myself with education and immersed myself in the worlds of psychology and self-development, acquiring a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy, as well as certification’s in Life Coaching, Neurolinguistic-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique and Hypnosis.

I started gathering the knowledge and tools to set myself free from these attachment patterns.

In practicing what I learned from my trainings and personal introspections, I strengthened my self-esteem…cultivated more security in who I was and what I wanted…learned healthier ways of experiencing love…and as a result, began creating a life that truly felt good to me.

I want you to know: Relationships don’t have to be this difficult or limiting!

Even though you weren’t modeled healthy ways of experiencing love, it doesn’t mean you can’t change the trajectory of your life.

Cultivating a secure attachment style is available to all of us. THANK YOU SCIENCE!

I went from feeling stuck to my self sabotaging ways to finally feeling empowered and in control of my thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

These are the exact insights and tools I’m so passionate about teaching in my e-courses, 1:1 coaching program and online platforms.

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