Are you tired of the war inside your mind and ready to take back control? In this self-study online course you will have access to 5 video module presentations packed with the knowledge and tools to begin understanding, and most importantly, making peace with that critical voice inside your head. You can take this course at your own pace and will have unlimited access to it.

Course Price: $147

Learn my favorite psychological tools to begin transforming your relationship to SELF. In this 1 hour training, you will learn to address your fears and worries in healthy way; You will learn to treat yourself with more compassion so that you can experience more love and healthier, strong relationships; And you will learn practical strategies to cultivate inner peace in a matter of seconds. This course includes access to a free guided meditation for inner peace and support.

Course Price: $49

Curious to learn the psychology behind how you and those you care about personally experience love? In this 1 hour video course, you will gain insight into the 4 Attachment Styles (Anxious, Fearful Avoidant, Dismissive Avoidant & Secure Attachment) in order to help you understand how you (and other’s) experience love. Most importantly, learn tools to becoming more Securely Attached. You will have unlimited access to this course upon purchase

Course Price: $49

E-Course Bundle

In this bundle (65 minute video training) you get both “How To Spot The Red Flags In A Potential Partner” and “Introduction To Attachment Styles”.

In order to prevent toxic relationship patterns, it’s important to first know about the 3 core attachment styles. In addition, you will learn how to identify healthy vs. unhealthy character traits; What traits are most compatible for your specific attachment style and which traits to avoid; And what to do if you find yourself in a toxic dating dynamic. These insights will radically change the way you date.

Course Price: $97

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