Does Anorexia Impact Your Love Life: Celina Stobbe Shares Her Story

Does Anorexia Impact Your Love Life: Celina Stobbe Shares Her Story

So how does anorexia affect our personal relationships? Today on the Mindful Loving Project Podcast, Holistic Mentor Celina Stobbe shares her story about her 8 year recovery process from anorexia.

Talking to Celina about her story brought up some pretty uncomfortable emotions. Unfortunately, being thin in our society is highly praised which tends to distort our relationship with food. We either deprive ourselves of it, find ways to extract it, or eat it while feeling bad for doing so. But it’s not just food we feel bad about, it’s more deeply rooted in how we feel about ourselves.

Celina shares that much of her obsession and motivation to not eat came from the attention she got for looking thin–Being thin was also something her father highly valued in women, and in order to receive the love she desired, she did what she could to stay as slim as possible.

While Celina was receiving the praise she desperately wanted, her love life continued to suffer, as she could not properly love anyone if she didn’t first love herself.

Today, Celina uses her story and knowledge to help women in later stages of eating disorder recovery by helping them with a combination of mind, body healing. She is also happily in love, living with her boyfriend and cute little pup in Toronto, Canada.

"The Journey To Recovery From Anorexia" with Celina Stobbe

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