Just because your life has been a certain way, doesn't mean it has to continue being that way! There's no reason why you can't change and create a new reality, one that includes more FREEDOM in your life and HEALTHIER, STRONG relationships.

So many of us feel stuck and don’t know how to live a life that feels true to us. We want to experience more freedom and joy, however keep finding ourselves going back to relationships that only deplete and confine us.

So why do we keep finding ourselves in these painful cyclical patterns?

The short answer is this: Subconscious Conditioning.

You see, what we experience in our reality is a direct reflection of what’s deeply engrained in our subconscious mind (aka, the part of our mind that we are not aware of but that stores long term memory, emotions, feelings, habits, relationship patterns, addictions, involuntary body functions, creativity, spiritual connection and intuition).

Your repetitive patterns, whether you’re aware of them or not, are a result of years and years of subconscious conditioning. They are learned ways of operating in this world, that luckily, can be reversed!

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With Relationship Recovery Coaching...

I help you dismantle these stored impressions that are currently running your life through a unique blend of formal psychotherapy training, Neuro-Linguistic and Emotional Freedom Techniques + my own additional strategies that have worked powerfully in both my life and in the lives of those I’ve served.

Though your current patterns and ways of experiencing the world may not be your fault, it is your responsibility to heal them in order to begin living a life on your unique terms.

Client Testimonial's

I know how it feels to want to change but not know how...

After experiencing 15 years of multiple toxic relationships, I hit my lowest point after being physically assaulted by a man I loved. No longer was I going to sacrifice another precious moment in exchange for pain and mistreatment.

I wanted more for my life and I wanted to change the cyclical patterns of toxicity that ran down my family line.

I knew however that in order to change these learned ways of experiencing intimacy, I would have to make myself and my healing a priority.

After leaving my relationship behind, despite all of the doubts and fears, I enrolled into a graduate program for Marriage and Family Therapy. It was during this time that everything changed for me–Not only did I gain the knowledge and tools to begin healing myself, but I was also given a whole new vision for my life.

I realized I COULD change…

That my past did not have to define my future…

That I didn’t have to repeat the same patterns as the women before me…

And that there are much healthier ways to exist in the world.

Since then, I have taken all that I learned from becoming a Therapist and have broken off to do my own thing as a Coach (I have a hardcore inner rebel!), helping men and women lead easier and healthier lives.

I want people to know: Life is not set in stone. Life CAN 100% be better and I can guide you through this process because I’ve done the work myself.

Relationship Recovery Coaching is for you if:

You've gotten out of a relationship--and you've put a hold on dating until you work on yourself.

You're truly committed to your healing--and you're ready for support to take you to the next level.

You're aware of your unhealthy dating patterns, but not quite sure how to shift them.

You really, REALLY don't want to repeat the same mistakes in future relationships.

You're ready to redefine who you are and create a reality that includes more freedom in your life and healthy, strong relationships.

Book a FREE Clarity Call with me to learn more about how this coaching can change your life!

Relationship Recovery
Coaching includes:

Eight 60-75 minute video coaching calls over the course of 8 weeks (these sessions occur over FaceTime or Zoom).

The Empowered Living Method Workbook with detailed information and exercises relating to each topic we cover. This will give you something tangible to refer back to at anytime.

Unlimited email support from me during our 8 week duration together.

Resources that will strengthen the work we do together.

Free access to my E-Courses.



Explore your history of toxic dating patterns and decode your specific attachment style. Attachment Theory helps us understand why we're attracted to certain people from a scientific stand point.


Establish your desired goals for yourself, your life and your relationships. Identify & begin clearing the blocks getting in the way of you having what you want. Begin implementing a personalized daily ritual to ensure your success.


Rewrite your inner critic and install new empowering self-realizations to boost your self-esteem and support your growth.


Cultivate total self-acceptance and self-forgiveness through embracing your Shadow (aka the subconscious/repressed parts of you).


Identify your core values and create healthy boundaries to help you live a happy, authentic life.


Navigate and balance your wounded feminine & masculine energies—as they are both equally important and necessary to feel whole & empowered.


Learn to control your emotions and use the wisdom of your feelings as your own personal guidance system.


Embrace your vulnerability—Learning to trust other's again.

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When you do this work, it has a RIPPLE EFFECT on everything you do. When your love life improves, so does your health and sense of well-being. When your health and well-being improves, you find more stability and abundance. When you radiate love, you feel loved. It’s all interconnected. I can help you recover from your relationships, but really it’s about becoming fully empowered in every area of your life.


On our first session, Jessica targeted a major trauma that had bothered me for a few months, and surprisingly I noticed the progress right away--I actually didn't expect that. So I reached out to her again for dealing with the rest of my issues. She really helped me with her skills, knowledge, compassion and techniques to help me heal from my traumas in the 8 weeks we worked together. She saved myself from the battered, wounded, victimized person I was and helped me become a new person that I am loving.
Tri C.
Former Client
When I reached out to Jessica I was so desperate and ashamed and I felt like I couldn’t tell anyone how much my ex was derailing my success, self-esteem, my values, everything. Having worked with Jessica feels like a night and day difference. I feel like a different human, and not the cliche where I feel like my old self again, but I honestly feel like a new person because I don’t know who I was back then. I recommend her coaching to anyone who wants to be a better version of themselves and is serious about ending their toxic dating patterns.
Chessa H.
Former Client

Book a FREE Clarity Call with me to learn more about how this coaching can change your life!